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Tree Care / Trimming

Can you see some sky through your trees? When the canopy of your trees is dense, the wind can’t blow through them, and that wind resistance causes them to break or even bring down the entire tree.

Whether the trees around your home are growing out of control and becoming a safety issue or you just want to keep them healthy, Whittle Tree Service offers all kinds of tree pruning services to the Middle Tennessee area, from North Nashville down to Ardmore. If beyond reasonable distances, we can always refer you to reputable tree services in your area if need be.

Why have your trees pruned?
  • Improves their overall health
  • Makes them structurally stronger
  • Eliminate potential hazards
  • Decrease chance of storm damage
Trimming can reduce potential hazards

Without regular tree trimming, tree limbs will grow beyond their proper length and can come into contact with power lines. This can cause all sorts of electrical problems, including outages, power surges, electrical spikes, and fires.

These wayward branches and limbs can also weaken over time, which makes them more susceptible to breaking and possibly falling on a person or car passing by, even your home.

In addition to the potential injury they can cause, they can also be a liability to you – a headache you most definitely don’t want. To keep everyone safe and reduce your chances of an unexpected accident, call for your free estimate on tree trimming.


All services are handled with safety, efficiency, and affordability.